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William Heirens was a serial killer who murdered 3 people between June 1945 and January 1946. He is especially well known for the message left at the crime scene of his second victim, shown in the first image, where he said:

For heavens sake catch me before I kill more I cannot control myself.

He was not captured after this crime, and instead went on to kidnap, murder and dismember a 6 year old girl named Suzanne Degnan. He stole her from her bedroom, having her call in and tell her mother she was fine when her mother awoke from the disturbance of his break in, and left a ransom note for $20,000. He had no intention of ever returning the girl to her mother, and instead her decapitated head was discovered in the catch basin pictured in the second image, with other body parts in different catch basins, drains and sewers nearby.

It’s been less than a month since my family had to put our girl down, and we had to say goodbye to another one of our dear friends this morning. I’m gonna miss you, Buster.

It’s been less than a month since my family had to put our girl down, and we had to say goodbye to another one of our dear friends this morning. I’m gonna miss you, Buster.


NeSpoon is a street artist from Warsaw, Poland. Her artistic focus is on the intricate patterns of lace, and breaking its granny stereotype by using it to beautify gritty urban spaces. NeSpoon calls her artistic approach the “jewellery of the public space”:

Jewellery makes people look pretty, my public jewellery has the same goal, make public places look better.

NeSpoon often uses the usual spray paint and stencils of enlarged lace patterns to produce her works on the street via

artist find at Lustik


Benefits of big hips:

Laundry basket rest
Yoga pants
Tiny human rest
Full size human rest
Hip checking those who challenge you
Ability to swing them wider than a cadillac
Model walk is 10x more dramatic
Taking up more space
Looking like a fertility goddess


Leonardo Dicaprio  by David Lachapelle

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How Beauty Procedures Looked In The 1930s-40s [x]

This is scary

The apple face thing tho

Wow…. one day people will look at our beauty procedures like we look at theirs. This really puts things in perspective.

sweet-puss something I think you’d enjoy.


I can’t tell if Tumblr’s love for Shrek is ironic or not because on one hand it has pretty decent animation, fairly witty dialogue, a few of its own cheesy moments and hamfisted pop culture references but a solid movie series over all

But on the other hand the dragon fucks the donkey and I don’t know how anyone is supposed to feel about that

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i’m thankful my childhood was filled with imagination and bruises from playing outside, instead of apps and how many damn likes you get on a picture

why do young people now talk like senior citizens please relax kids still play with toys stop bein such a damn baby


I just want to thank all the folks who wrote in with birthday wishes yesterday. It meant a lot to me. You are the best followers a frog could ask for. From the bottom of my heart, you guys keep me going and I love you. 

Some were asking what they could get me. And that is sweet. The only thing I can think of is if you could go check out the latest Corg Life comic. That helps both me and my staff. It helps a lot. Plus I think it will make you smile. 

So check it out!

And maybe check out some of the previous one too

Thanks again :)





Did you need some nightmares?

no i need more tattoo ideas like these..

This is the work of Junji Ito, my favorite Guro manga artist. 
In order:
The Secret of the Haunted House
Top Model-Tomie Series  
Slug Girl
The Gyo Series
The Scar- Uzumaki Series
The Conversation Room
Red Turtleneck


i just really hope all of you find someone who is really cool that you can love and have sex with and all that shit but you can also talk politics and about evolution. someone you don’t cling to at parties but you nonchalantly grab their ass when you walk by them in the crowd and someone you reach for at 2am in between dreams to cuddle.















Dildo Generator

Online 3D experiment by Ikaros Kappler which is described as a “Extrusion/Revolution Generator” ….

Created with three.js, you can alter the bezier curves and angle of the form, and is designed with 3D printing in mind (models can be exported and saved, as well as calculated weight in silicone).

Try it out for yourself (if you wish) here

the time is now

hell yeah


ah yes, the ol rolling pin dilda



it’s called the purple ramjet

which end do you start with? the answer is yours to decide

shove a vase up your ass

not even jesus could save yall motherfuckers’ souls

i call it the matterhorn

cackling just continues to get louder as I scroll through

i think this is the first time an internet community has discovered something customizable and adamantly refused to make penises

I wasn’t gonna reblog this but my hand slipped oops


Some people think that the Uprights are the master of the house. 

Allow me to retort.